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We ARE our environment & the sum of chemical exposure is GREATER than each exposure alone

Many people assume that health problems such as chronic disease, allergies and headaches are just problems that we have to deal with. Most people don’t look for the sources of these problems (i.e. the cause) - which many times can be materials, chemical products, or other environmental factors in their homes or workspaces.


According to the EPA, indoor environmental pollution is one of the top five health risks facing the public today.


The problem is - you cannot see or smell the dangers indoors.  Everything you breathe, touch, or come into contact with causes your immune system to work diligently to “protect” you.  Your body engages in a complicated chain reaction of cellular events each time it is exposed to chemical and industrial agents.   A typical day provides a myriad of these chemical exposures – even in your own home (which you may think is safe). 


A typical day might start with you waking up and grabbing your cell phone from the charger on your nightstand.  You head to your home office to get in some work/emails before the kids get up.  Next, you make breakfast for the kids, then race the kids out the door to school.   You spend the afternoon painting one of the kids' bedrooms before you have to head back out run errands and come home later to make dinner and play with the kids in the living room until it’s time for bed.


When you reimagine this day from your immune system’s perspective:  you begin to see how the cumulative effect becomes important.   Your bedside cell phone and charger, clock, and lamp all emit high levels of EMF.  In your office- your wifi router is right next to your office chair and also emits extremely high levels of EMF.  In the kitchen, you have small natural gas leaks from fittings that allow combustible gas to circulate in your home.  The half used paint can you stored near the furnace will emit harmful VOC’s throughout your home, and the living area- where you spend most of your time in the evening- is adjacent to your garage and gas fumes from items stored in the garage circulate through this room due to a faulty seal on the door from the garage.   


In addition to the exposure outline above – other hidden factors such as radiation, UV, and other toxins that you can’t see, sense or smell – may also be polluting your home environment.  We can help you identify these problems as well.



Because children are smaller and rapidly developing – their bodies are much more at risk from environmental effects than adults.  They also spend much more time on the floor where pollutants and chemical residues can hide.


WE CAN HELP!   The first step is AWARENESS.  When in doubt – check it out. 
We can EXPOSEEVALUATE, & ELIMINATE these potential dangers from your home.  
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