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We EXPOSE, EVALUATE, & ELIMINATE exposures in your environment 

We evaluate environmental health concerns that could be associated with your home, including exterior environment evaluation, moisture/mold, VOC's, air and water quality, EMF, dirty power, RF radiation, building materials, and even personal care and cleaning products you use. Our goal is to help educate homeowners about indoor exposures through comprehensive on-site testing.  We use top-of-the-line equipment, monitors, and tests to provide scientific evidence to identify and solve issues.  

Whether you have on-going symptoms of poor health or you desire the peace of mind that a healthy indoor environment provides - we're here to help!
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Home Environmental Testing
Indoor Air Quality

Is the air in your home healthy?  Indoor air often contains pollutants. These pollutants can come from what you do in your home and what you store in/around your home.  It is not always easy to tell if your home has unhealthy air.   You cannot see or smell many of the indoor air dangers.

Our comprehensive Air Quality Testing (AQT) includes evaluation of VOC's, formaldehyde, radon, mold and air flow analysis.  We also identify combustible gas, carbon monoxide and the source of pollutants to help you eliminate these toxins from your indoor environments.

Success Story

A homeowner contacted us due to persistent and long-term headaches.  This person worked from a home office and spent a large majority of time in a small area of his home.  Our comprehensive laboratory air quality testing identified specific VOC's in HUGE quantities inside this part of the home.  Through our on-site evaluation - we determined that negative pressure from the air intake system in the home was pulling air filled with chemical pollutants from items stored in the garage.  Simple mediation included storing chemical based products in the proper sealed containers and improving the seals on doors.  These inexpensive changes markedly improved the homeowner's health - yet he would have not known the source without testing/evaluation.


Home Environmental Testing

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are all around us - they come from power lines, household electrical wiring, electric smart meters, televisions, computers, appliances, microwaves and even your plumbing. Technology advances with wireless devices also come with increased exposure to EMF's and RF radiation.


Let us help you evaluate the EMF exposure in your home with our state of the art testing equipment and create a healthier environment for your family.

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EMF/RF Exposure Evaluation

Success Story

An on-site evaluation identified a "hot spot" in a family's living room directly on the sofa where they routinely sat to watch television.  Through diagnostic testing and breaker box testing - it was determined that even when ALL breakers into the home were turned off - the EMF meter was still pegged at this site in the living room!  Further investigation revealed the main plumbing line into the home ran directly under the couch and was the source of this "hot spot".  Plumbing current is not widely known about by homeowners- but surprisingly, almost every home has some level of electrical plumbing current and in many cases the levels are extreme. Proper shielding/remediation eliminated this issue and potentially eliminated health issues if the changes had not been made.

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Home Environmental Testing
UV / Other Potential Exposure

Energy efficiency and cost savings can have an impact on your health when it comes to lighting.  Fluorescent bulbs also can have a significant impact on the health of some individuals.  


We can evaluate the lighting in your home or office and help you create a healthier environment for your entire family.  This doesn't always mean costly replacement of light fixtures - it is quite common that remediation can include inexpensive filters. 


Let us help you evaluate your current lighting and create a healthier environment.

Success Story

We received a call from a family with a child that had recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition of unknown origin. The child suffered a skin rash on her face that was related to her diagnosis - however, the parents noticed the rash seemed worse after days at school and appeared to clear up some over the weekends.  We evaluated her school classroom environments and found that the low ceilings and high volumes of fluourescent lights might be contributing to the rash.  The parents were allowed to install simple light filter sheets into the class room and a dramatic improvement in the symptoms was reported.  Additionally, the teacher of the class felt that the reduced exposure with the filters improved the students' ability to concentrate and she asked to keep the filters in her classroom even after the student graduated.

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