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Procedures and Pricing


What we inspect:
  • Thorough external / neighborhood analysis to identify possible nearby issues

  • Laboratory Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sample tests/analysis (including 100's of VOC's, formaldehyde, and mold)

  • EMF – complete testing using state-of-the-art equipment throughout your home

  • Radiation - complete testing of wireless devices, computers, laptops, cellphones, routers, etc

  • UV – analysis of issues / ways to improve and filter

  • Laboratory Radon Test


The Inspection Report

You will receive immediate feedback and gain significant information by attending the inspection.  You will learn about instrument readings, hot spots, and areas of concern throughout the inspection process.  The final report will document and outline improvements for all areas of concern.


You will also receive a full inspection report with a wealth of information.  This will include a summary/detail report with specific issues that need to be addressed.  All issues will also include specific improvements and remedies to remove/reduce any issues that need to be addressed (many of which are easy and inexpensive).


The best way to get an inspection scheduled is to call us at 303.903.8714.  You can also reach out via email and we'll contact you  We will need the following information to get started:


  • Your name, address, and phone number

  • Reasons for testing (including any specific concerns or issues)

  • Prior to the physical inspection of your home – we will discuss instructions about the air quality/radon/mold test kits to ensure the most accurate test results when we do the site inspection. 



Most inspections can be completed within 10 days.  We try to combine inspections in geographical areas, however, we can accommodate short turnaround times (when necessary).  Please note the inspection will take 2-5 hours (depending on the size/scope and types of testing).  We do require you to be present during the entire inspection.  We accept cash, checks,  credit cards, or Paypal payments. at the time the inspection is completed.




A complete home inspection is $849 which includes laboratory testing fees.  We can customize our pricing to meet your needs - call us for more information.  Our headquarters are in Douglas County.  




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