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Are you wondering if your home is as healthy as you think it is?

Do any of these questions sound familiar?

  • " I just don't feel right and I wonder if something in my house is causing it?"
  • " I have a medical diagnosis - should I make changes in my home to improve my health?"

  • " There are visible signs of peeling paint and/or mold in my home.  Should I be concerned?"

  • " Are there items in my kids' rooms/nursery that could contribute to health issues?"

  • " I'm buying a new home - how do I make sure it's healthy?"

  • " Is it possible to remodel my home and still have a healthy environment for my familly?"

How you feel is directly related to the environment in which you spend most of your time.  Most people spend 90% or more of their time indoors. According to the EPA, indoor environmental pollution is one of the top five health risks facing the public today. The problem is - you cannot see, feel, or smell the dangers indoors. Is your home and workplace a safe environment?
In-Home Environmental Testing
During our comprehensive on-site inspections we will educate you about risks, measure toxicity with sophisticated equipment, and help you identify ways to remediate problems.


Let us EXPOSE, EVALUATE, and ELIMINATE the dangers in your home or office.  
Contact us at 303.903.8714 for more information.
Balance is the key to
a healthy life
Home Environmental Testing
Are you tipping the scale in the right direction when it comes to your health?

Indoor Air Quality

Many items in our homes - including paints, cleaners,  building materials, furniture, and other products we use every day increasingly contain synthetic and chemical components that can impact Indoor air quality.   These pollutants move throughout indoor spaces and you can’t see, smell, or touch many of them. We will identify the sources of pollutants and recommend ways to minimize and in most cases eliminate unhealthy situations.

EMF Exposure

Modern conveniences and technology tip the scale in terms of indoor radiation exposure.  There are concerns that many serious health problems could  be linked to electromagnetic fields (EMF), dirty electricity, radio frequencies, and also microwave radiation.  We help measure, analyze sources, and develop a strategy to help reduce your exposure and potentially improve your health.

UV Exposure

Lighting in your home or office may have significant effects on your health.  The trend toward CFL's and energy efficient lighting may save on energy costs, however, these can have negative effects on your health.


We measure, analyze, and help you reduce exposure in key areas of your home.

Is your home healthy?

If you are wondering about the health or possible toxicity of your home -  call us today.  We can help you to identify potential exposures and recommend a path to tip the scale in the right direction when it comes to creating a healthy indoor home or work environment.

When in doubt...

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